Are We Just F*cking?




Is he just f*cking me or does he really like me? We’ve all been through this (well if you haven’t I have). You’ve been hanging out, texting all day, random facetimes, selfies just for him, and doing couple things with one another. These couple things consist of bomb ass sex on the regular. Deep down inside you want to ask him “What are WE”? If you have to ask “What are WE”, I want you to know that girl y’all are just F*CKING! Don’t get me wrong two people can have really strong feelings for one another, but in most cases y’all are in a situationship. I know it sucks, you’ve made plans for him to meet the family, your wedding dress is on your Pinterest, and even thought of the future kids name already. Sometimes those kids actually happen (inserts my covered eye monkey emoji).

After a while those text messages stop, you only see them when it’s time to have sex, and when you send those selfies you barely get those “You are so beautiful” replies back. It’s unfortunate, it hurts, and you almost feel like you’re the dumbest female ever. Everything was going SOOOO damn good and now all you get is good d*ck and a “wyd” (don’t you hate that?). When your home girls ask you about him you give them the stank face and reply “Who is that”?

I know your in feelings, and you thought you two were in love. You want to pop up on him and his homeboys, stalk his social media accounts (more then you already have), and text him some rude things, but DON’T! (what the hell go ahead and text some fly sh*t your human). The good thing about this is you can either continue to get the bomb ass sex and remain friends or you can walk away from it and take it as a learning experience. I recommend walking the hell away, but hey I support whatever you decide friend!



XOXO Nic of The Shoe Dealer Girl


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